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Originally posted on advicesbyher: It is inevitable that in life we will go through ups and downs, we will face disappointment, experience heartbreak and betrayal. During these difficult times we feel like the world is coming to an end, but I am here to tell you it is not. You will get through it, just…

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A serious one — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

I have touched on this before, but it is effecting us now more than ever and I know a lot of people are effected by it, but its one of those things you just don’t talk about. Its money, when you are struggling, the thoughts are there, that maybe if you get another job or […]

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Your Mind, Your heart; Your Garden

Life is full of interactions, some interactions lead to an affiliation which might be contemplated in words like acquaintanceship to friendship, then from love to devotion . to passion and even the most viperous form call it “addiction”.
Yes , People can be addictive too.  and that is the the exact point where we delude ourselves and pollute our mental chemistry. Your mind and Your heart are the most sacred parts you carry. Don’t let anyone take  control over it . EVER!

Don’t chase people, money, or success .With each passing day become the best version of yourself. And all the things you deserve will chase you.

PS. Your mind is like a garden, Plant it with positive thoughts brought in to being within. Never rely on the outer conditions to plant the seed of happiness.



Just say “NO”

Have you ever thought “I have always been nice and never made a refusal to anyone no matter how burdensome or challenging things could be at your end. But you never said “no” to their requests. So here is the ice breaker. Learn to say “NO”. Putting forth a “NO” doesn’t make you any less of a good person. Say no to the things which cross your boundaries. How you treat yourself will be an example of how people will treat you. Never make a compromise on your imperative or your moral philosophy. You are an individual with certain amount of fundamental postulates. Respect yourself enough to let go off the things that put a burden to your eminence. Stand to your grounds firmly.
This doesn’t imply not to empathize with others needs or situations. Doodle a boundary between you helping others or being used.

PS. When you say YES to others, make sure you aren’t saying No to yourself.









A Warrior Princess

Let’s just start the story with the usual “fairy tale” idea. So once there lived a girl named Annamae. She was born to a contented family, living a jubilant life. Annamae wasn’t just a baby girl but a glittering hope and aspiration to her parents. She marveled and stood in awe at everything from being a  gradeschooler to teenager. Her life was remarkably marvelous.
But it is not always sunshine and rainbows, an adversity enveloped the family and Annamae lost her father. It was a catastrophe for the family but for Annamae she lost more than a father, that day she lost her bliss, her joviality , her merriment and above all her strength. She was devastated and  stamped out.

Since she wasn’t just an ordinary girl, Annamae picked herself up and made headway to provide her family all the lacking they were bearing. She believed that she had to keep going and she did. she crossed cliffs and mountains with such courageousness and   dauntlessness that no one could dare notice how Annamae had that same little girl inside fighting her way with each passing day. she has been a living example of replacing ; “why its happening to me ”  with “whats this trying to teach me”.
Anname is not a fairy tale princess but a real life gladiator. A gladiator with not an armor but a veil. She isn’t a wonder woman from the island nation of Themyscira. but a audacious and lionhearted woman who will do everything not to survive but to live and fight for everything she believes in.

Inspired by a real story.

To be continued………

Quitting-Never an option

A wise person once said ; Life, Yes Life it is an amalgamation of happiness and sorrow. Absence of either makes it miserable.
It is of no doubt that life can sometimes be quite intimidating and will through situations which you never imagine coming at your way. But No matter how impossible a situation might be, don’t let it  overrun or thrash you. Remember the Almighty Creator has given you the strength for any battle that comes your way. You are much more capable of unimaginable strength . Every hard time you endure actually makes you, not breaks you. Lets learn to recognize the difference and be the better version of ourselves with each passing day.

PS. The way you speak to yourself  matters. 


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